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Chris Ran Lin

Chris Ran Lin (Lin) is an independent menswear fashion designer. Lin’s studio is based in Melbourne, Australia since the establishment of his fashion career in 2013. The label Chris Ran Lin offers fashion pieces that are highly experimental and versatile to lead the rapidly growing menswear sector. Chris Ran Lin invests in premium fiber and fabric, with a particular focus on reinventing wool, to invent ready-to-wear piece that goes beyond traditional tailoring. Lin's inspiration comes from architecture, structure, and texture. Today, Chris Ran Lin label is one of the most exclusive brands in the menswear category, for its innovation in the natural fabric used in garments, uniqueness of the style and well-developed knitwear technique.


Currently, Lin's collection can be found in Asia and Australia. Selected ready-to-wear garments is now available online and at our Melbourne showroom. Please visit our Stockists page for more details.

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